If you want to chat, ask a question, or contact Elizabeth for blog posts or anything to do with books and publication, send an email to .

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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Maybe you could provide some details about yourself on your own website? Where you are from and when each book was first published, to start with. Nothing too much personal indeed but just enough to get a glimpse of the person who is writing such lovely books.


    • Thanks for the suggestion, but I keep details about myself sparse intentionally. Partially for privacy, but also because I don’t want a readers’ views of me personally to color the work, and vice versa.

      Also, I’m not from anywhere, but I call Nashville home. 🙂


  2. Hi, Im a huge fan of On Equal Ground, you did an excelent job writting it. I was wondering if you’ve considered posting here those parts that didnt make it to the published book?? I miss them! Please.


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