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27 thoughts on “Full-Length Books

  1. Very nice “what if” story – fortunately almost without “adult material”. Nevertheless I’m staggerd by the idea to prepare tea with both milk and lemon. I wonder if the author ever did try it? I wouldn’t chance spoiling a good cup of tea with clotting milk…


  2. Love your novel! Half way through and I love it! I have it on my kindle app and was wondering if it was every going to be available as a paperback? I would love to add it to my collection on my shelf! It deserves a place!


  3. Haha, Sophie! You’re quick! I do have 2 full-length pieces in the works, not sure whether or not I will publish them because they are both modern and one is a little short while the other may just be for fun. We’ll see… I’m in a modern phase right now and haven’t really felt like writing anything period in a while, so we’ll see what happens. I’ll keep you posted!


    • Haha! I got an email that someone had commented and you mention this and I had to post the question 😛 Oh modern, interesting, I prefer keeping with the time period but I could understand why you might want a break from the regency era. I hope, sometime, there is another one and I look forward to hearing anything further from you 😀 I will have to re-read The Houseguest to keep my going 😛


      • Thank you for such a great review! There will definitely be another regency at some point, I just don’t know when. Most of my favorite books are better with the second reading – there’s no stressing out about what’s going to happen, I can just enjoy the prose. 🙂


  4. You are welcome. All the praise was meant and in no way exaggerated! I look forward to your next regency story, whenever it will be! And I also look forward to the re-read 😀


  5. Please reconsider your decision about having The Houseguest available in paperback version. According to the many favorable reviews, the paperback version would be well worth the cost. Thank you.


  6. I have read this book twice in 2 weeks and i am about to start it a 3rd time! I am a huge Jane Austen fan and have read many variations! Thank you for this wonderful book!


  7. I just finished reading Ms. Adam’s “The Houseguest” for the second time and it is indeed even more enjoyable the second time, and will look forward to reading it again and again! Your creative way of bringing Elizabeth and Darcy together was great, and your portrayal of our dear Lizzy and Darcy, as well as Georgiana, Col. Fitzwilliam, Lady and Lord Matlock, Lady Catherine, and Aunt Gardner were delightful! I agree with Lizzy that having Col. Fitzwilliam for a brother would be great fun… And Sir Malcom was pretty dashing as well! You do a wonderful job of creating swoon worthy men! Just reading about Mr. Darcy’s courting of Elizabeth was enough to make my heart go pitter-patter too! I loved that you kept the love scenes so tasteful and proper! 🙂 Very well done!!
    And like the others, I really wanted to have a paperback and was able to find a copy recently that I have just purchased, so you all should check again, perhaps! (I also have it on my kindle where I first read it… about a year ago, I believe…) I will be watching for another Regency novel by you as well!


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