Top 10 regency variations

Great list! Though I’m likely biased…

Obsessed with Mr Darcy


After yesterday’s top 10 modern variations, today it is top 10 regency. Not everything was published this year, but it was new for me.

1. Mr Bennet’s Dutiful Daughter by Joana Starnes
2. Darcy vs. Bennet by Victoria Kincaid
3.The Trouble to Check Her by Maria Grace
4. Dearest Friends by Pamela Lynne
5. The Houseguest by Elizabeth Adams
6. Particular Intentions by L. L. Diamond
7. Master Elizabeth Bennet by Melanie Schertz
8. A Lesson Hard Learned by Wendi Sotis
9. Love Letters From Mr. Darcy by J. Dawn King
10. The Gypsy Blessing by Wendi Sotis

The Gypsy Blessing is the regency part of yesterday mentioned Foundation of Love.
A Lesson Hard Learned takes Darcy to America after the proposal. As much as I didn’t like him to be so far from Elizabeth, those chapters were very enjoyable too.
In Dearest Friends Elizabeth bumps into Darcy…

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The Houseguest Review & Giveaway

From Pemberley to Milton reviews the new audio book of The Houseguest and hosts a giveaway. Check it out!

From Pemberley to Milton

4.5 stars

Hello everyone,

I read The Houseguest when it was released in 2013 and absolutely loved it, so when the audiobook was released earlier this month, I knew it was the right time to re-acquaint myself with this story.

In this variation Georgiana begs Mr. Darcy to join him at Netherfield, and not wishing to disappoint his sister, he acquiesce. While she is there, she meets and befriends Elizabeth Bennet who is later on invited to spend a few days at Darcy’s London house while Mr. Darcy is out of town. But he returns earlier than expected and finding Elizabeth in Darcy House at his sister’s request, he has no alternative than to accept he will have to spend some time in her presence.

Both when I read and listened to this book I was immediately drawn into it not wishing to get away from the story. I always love books…

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New Book!

I have a new baby! Meryton Vignettes is officially out and ready to go. It’s a collection of six short stories following various P&P characters through different periods of time.

Check it out so we can talk about it!



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My Jane Austen Road Trip

I got to meet Rita last month and being the blogger that she is, she blogged about it! I just create characters from the new people I meet, but to each her own… 😉

From Pemberley to Milton

Hello everyone,

A couple of months ago Sophia Rose invited me to chat with her on Sophia’s Sofa Chats she is hosting in Goodreads, and while we were talking about my hobbies, namely my addiction for travelling, she asked me what I had planned for From Pemberley to Milton in the upcoming months. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but at that moment an idea started forming in my mind. My two main hobbies are travelling and reading JAFF, so why not bring these two passions together and create a feature in my blog dedicated to my travellings that somehow involve JAFF?

I don’t’ live in the UK and am assuredly not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to Austen related places, but I have travelled a bit, and maybe some of my readers would like to see some of the things I’ve seen, and share my joy…

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