Guest Post

If you have wondered about the motivation for my latest book and it’s unusual premise, here’s a little insight. Big thanks to Ceri at Babblings of a Bookworm for hosting me!


New Book Released!

Here’s my latest. Read it and let’s discuss – there are so many things I want to talk about!

On Equal Ground can be purchased at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, etc. Paperback out soon!



Well-read, observant, and spirited, a young Elizabeth Bennet draws the attention of a wealthy widower.

When she finally meets Mr. Darcy, she outranks him. Of course, that doesn’t stop him from insulting her. Married and wealthy, is she still beneath his notice?

Elizabeth’s high society connections create new opportunities for her sisters and, in turn, keep Darcy close to her family.

When tragedy strikes, will Darcy rise to the occasion? Or will his propensity to give offense show no respect for rank?