Apple Grilled Cheese

2 slices of sourdough bread, any size or shape

Butter, softened

2 slices Havarti or Muenster cheese

½ apple, sliced thinly (slice on a mandolin if available) Any apple will do, but try for one that is crispy, and sweet or tart according to your preferences



  1. Heat pan over medium heat
  2. Spread butter on one side of each slice of bread
  3. Place the first slice of bread into the hot pan, butter side down, then spread with mustard
  4. Layer 1 slice of cheese, followed by 2 to 3 apple slices, followed by the last slice of cheese, being sure to cover from side to side.
  5. Top with second slice of bread, butter side up (add mustard to this slice as well if you are a mustard fan)
  6. When the bottom is golden brown, flip the sandwich (usually about 2-3 min)
  7. When second side is golden brown and cheese is melted, remove from heat and serve immediately


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